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October 2007

Oct 17
Keeping watch: School districts must keep track of their money
"I put those people in place. I trusted them. I had no idea they would do anything like this." Sometimes trusting your fellow man is a mistake. ...

September 2007

Sep 24
Do your school's parents suffer from fundraising fatigue?
For some schools, fundraisers pay for activities and such things as uniforms, instruments and playground equipment. But in some schools, fundraising is so fraught with pitfalls that principals have done away with traditional sales and events.
Sep 7
Give2Schools is lowering fees to 3.75% effective October 1, 2007
Give2schools is an online payment processing system that allows foundations to receive electronic payments by e-check or credit card right on their Web site.
Sep 7
School foundation making a difference
Fishers, IN - In 2001, the Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation was formed to benefit all schools in the district by providing student scholarships and teacher grants ...

August 2007

Aug 23
'Giving while living' alters inheritances
"Giving while living" is becoming popular as more Americans decide to spread their money around while they're still here to see its impact. ...
Aug 20
Teachers spend out of pocket on kids
Teachers nationally spend an average of $475 of their own money on classroom supplies and materials each year, according to a study ...
Aug 8
Massaging Form 990
For years the IRS has mulled over requests for a kinder and gentler Form 990. The redesign efforts focused on ...
Aug 3
Public school fundraiser? Try alumni
Car washes, bake sales and chili tickets remain effective ways for school groups to raise a little money, but schools looking to create more significant and consistent funding streams might want to cultivate a spirit of philanthropy in their alumni and current students.
Aug 2
How to Design a Bad Presentation
Avoid these eight "worst practices," and your audiences will thank you.

July 2007

Jul 13
Google Offers Free Software to Nonprofit Groups
Google has announced that it is making the educational version of its Google Apps product available free to nonprofit organizations in the United States.
Jul 12
Billion-Dollar Campaigns Challenge Fund Raisers
As more colleges have completed or are trying to complete billion-dollar fund-raising campaigns, leaders in the arena of big-gift fund raising shared their tips and encouragement at the annual meeting of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education...
Jul 11
Direct Mail Provides Mixed Returns for Charities
Charities say direct mail and other mass appeals are bringing in more dollars than they did in the past, according to a new survey ...

June 2007

Jun 20
The next time you have a used item you want to sell, skip eBay and head to
Jun 7
Washington and Lee U. to Get $100-Million in 4th Major Gift to Higher Education in 8 Days
An anonymous donor has given Washington and Lee University, in Virginia, $100-million, the fourth gift of at least that amount that has gone to higher education in eight days, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Jun 4
Public Schools Question Ethics of Private Gifts
Parents willing to install air conditioning, greenhouses, and other amenities at their children's schools can be a blessing, but the uneven distribution of those gifts has forced many school districts to implement policies on private contributions...
Jun 1
How Much Fund Raising Really Costs
Charities use new databases to make appeals more efficient

May 2007

May 14
Increase in Postal Rates Hits Some Charities Hard
As higher postage rates take effect, many nonprofit groups are figuring out how to cope with increases that more than doubles the cost of sending some direct-mail pieces.
May 11
Older Americans Could Provide Significant Boon for Nonprofit Groups
If more people volunteer for charities after they reach traditional retirement age, the nation's gross domestic product could increase by 5 percent by 2050, predicts an economist cited in a Time magazine article about the changing nature of retirement.
May 11
Give Like Gates
The largest donor-advised funds boasted assets of $19.2-billion last year, an increase of more than 21 percent, according to a survey by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.
May 10
School fundraising: Uneven playing field?
The group's annual survey of 958 schools said boards are looking to corporate sponsors, school vending machines and external fundraising to make up for the lack of provincial funding for arts, music, breakfast programs and the assessment of special education students.

March 2007

Mar 21
Sarbanes-Oxley and Implications for Nonprofits
Created to rebuild public trust in the corporate community in the wake of corporate and accounting scandals, the American Competitiveness and Corporate Accountability Act, or Sarbanes-Oxley Act, requires that publicly traded companies conform to new standards in financial transactions and audit procedures.
Mar 15
Fundraising's Four Magic Questions
You didn't get the gift. Don't give up quite yet-ask four fundamental questions first.
Mar 15
2007 Survey on External Support for K-12 Schools and Districts
Recently the NSFA surveyed close to 31,000 public school districts from across the nation...

February 2007

Feb 27
What Do Fund Raisers Really Need to Know?
Features editor Holly Hall hosted a live chat with Adrian Sargeant, who holds the Robert F. Hartsook Chair in Fund Raising at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. Here are some of the questions that were asked
Feb 27
Should Charities Pay for Municipal Services?
Should nonprofit groups pay cities for services they receive like water and fire protection or do such payments call into question the very reason charities are exempt from property taxes or other levies?
Feb 13
IRS Rules
The Internal Revenue Service has published guidelines for donors who make gifts directly to charity from their individual retirement accounts.
Feb 9
Compensation for Charity CEO's
Trustees need to put a brake on the skyrocketing increases in salaries and other perks ...
Feb 7
Schools examine avenues of raising money
The Des Moines school district might join the estimated 150 districts across Iowa that have foundations to raise money for classroom projects and programs.
Feb 7
School Faces Dilemma on Valuable Art
In an elementary school in North Attleboro, Mass., a large painting of an Afghan tribesman has hung for decades in the school's auditorium. It turns out that picture is worth millions of dollars.
Feb 3
Scotts Valley parents asked to pay $36.13 if their kid skips school
Parents whose kids take a day off from school will be asked to open their wallets. That will be $36.13, please. Desperate to hold on to every penny of state funding, Scotts Valley Unified School District leaders are asking parents to make a donation to the district for the amount it loses every time a student is absent for a reason other than illness.

January 2007

Jan 22
Oil Company Offers $50-Million in Scholarships
The nation's ninth-largest oil company has pledged to spend $5-million per year for 10 years to send hundreds of high school students in economically depressed El Dorado, Ark., to college, reports the Associated Press.
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