Course Descriptions

The following courses are designed to give leaders of education foundations a framework for success, focusing on solutions to challenges often faced by leaders in the industry. The topics selected address the general roles and expectations of foundation leadership. Each course consists of a series of micro-credentials that participants can share as digital confirmation of their proficiency within addressed topics. The confirmed successful completion of all the micro-credentials will be the bases for obtaining certification.


This quick course introduces to the program, the NSFA Guiding Principles & Best Practices for education foundations and provides tutorials for the program platform and micro-credential submission. This course must be completed successfully before registering for the CEFL courses or continued education modules.


This course addresses principles of education foundation leadership, development and use of effective strategic planning, collecting and reporting return on investment (ROI) to donors.

Instructor: Bill Hoffman


This course establishes the principles of marketing, communications, content, branding, digital marketing, and the basics of developing a marketing plan.

Instructor: Sara D. Bender, CEFL


This course explores the unique organizational requirements and compliance of an education foundation in the areas of governing documents (articles of incorporation, by-laws, policies), IRS reporting, financial oversight, planning, analysis and effective work with financial volunteers.

Instructor: Yolanda Pruitt, CEFL


This course emphasizes the principles of fundraising, ethical considerations, policies, sources of revenue, case for support and incorporating resource development into your strategic plan. 

Instructor: Sara D. Bender, CEFL


This course equips leaders to obtain the ideal board structure and membership, understand board roles and responsibilities, engage board members fully, and explore committees and board leadership.

Instructor: Bill Hoffman


This course addresses topics related to identifying, engaging and collaborating with community partners, funding for school districts, and working effectively with district leadership and school boards.

Instructor: Dr. Wayne Padover

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