NSFA Guiding Principles and Proven Practices

Across the United States, millions of students in thousands of school districts experience significantly greater educational opportunities through the work of their local education foundations. 

While standards and guidelines are established for nonprofits and their leaders, each nonprofit sector is unique. NSFA collectively established modeled principles and proven practices so our professional colleagues across the education foundation continuum  can thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

This document is a synthesis of collaborative proven experiences, vision, and approaches to provide our country’s public education foundations with a clear pathway to success.

The NSFA Education Foundation Guiding Principles and Proven Practices are specifically tailored to address unique opportunities and the important ethical decisions facing our profession. An education foundation may be emerging in some areas while developing and excelling in other areas. It’s important for individual foundations to evaluate where they are currently in the developmental process, so they can make thoughtful decisions to support their growth and improvement.

The Fundamentals

The NSFA Guiding Principles & Proven Practices are connected to four fundamental areas that will help education foundation leaders as they guide their foundations along the continuum from emerging and developing foundations to fully excelling education foundations.

Proven Practices for Emerging, Developing and Excelling Education Foundations

The NSFA Board of Directors adopted the Education Foundation Guiding Principles, the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Standards and the Independent Sector’s 33 Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice as guidance for achieving excellence in P–12 education foundations.

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