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A partnership between National University and NSFA, the Education Foundation Leader Training and Certification Program is the only online certificate program in education foundation leadership in the US. Month-long courses will run from May - October in Organizational Planning and Leadership, Board Development, Financial Management, Legal Requirements, Resource Development and Marketing and Educational Collaboration. Taught by industry experts at National University, classes can be taken individually or together over one or more years to achieve the prestigious CEFL distinction. 


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CEFL and Board Member Training Webinar from 3/27/18


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            2016 Certified Education Foundation Leaders                                          2017 Certified Education Foundation Leaders
What participants are saying about the Program:


The value of the certification comes not only from the course but from the interactions with other Education Foundation leaders who are facing the same challenges and opportunities that we are facing at Decatur Education Foundation. Sharing experiences, documents and strategies has created a network between us which I think will be a huge asset well beyond the course end date." ”-Gail Rothman, Executive Director, Decatur Education Foundation


"Whether you have been in the field a long time or are just starting out, this certification program will challenge you, inspire you and give you the tools you need to grow your school foundation. After 18 years in the nonprofit sector, 15 of them in the development field, this program is the most highly relevant coursework that I have completed." -Traci Skalberg, Executive Director, Grand Island Public Schools Foundation


"I am excited about the Education Foundation Leader Certification program.  The courses are relevant and rich in content.  In addition, I am able to learn from and with my peers from all across the country which provides tremendous perspective as well as opportunities to network and share."  - Debbie Sontupe, Executive Director, Morris Educational Foundation



What is the value to an education foundation when their leader pursues the Education Foundation Leadership Certification?  Steve Kinkaid, the President of the Omaha Public Schools Foundation talks about the recent certification of Executive Director, Toba Cohen-Dunning


Ingra Winkler Anderson, Executive Director - Bellevue Public Schools Foundation (NE) answers some questions about the program:

What did you value most about the E.F.L. Certification Program? Why did you choose to prioritize this certification course given how busy you are? How has the course affected your work with the Board? |  Which tools are you using which came from the coursework?