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15% discount on Watering Can Press books so that as they are requested by teachers or administrators, they may serve your schools, educational efforts, and communities. Watering Can Press offers award-winning, character-building books for children (6-12) to serve educational goals while supporting teachers, children, and families on topics such as giving/charity, financial literacy, autism, and special needs acceptance, environmental learning, STEM, families and more.  Includes free Teacher’s Guides. Learn more - email or by visiting their website


Watering Can Press offers award-winning, character-building books for children (6-12) that have spread through classrooms to serve educational goals while supporting teachers, children, and families. Our books are more than typical reading books—they offer experiential learning opportunities that invite children to explore, create, discuss, and ultimately learn and grow as they co-author their journey and ‘own’ the lessons.  


Our books have been proven as stimulating and effective tools for classrooms. We offer Free Teacher’s Guides that link our books to lesson plans that fulfill many National and State Content Standards and make it easy to incorporate our books into the classroom.


Educators and community leaders have found value in the relevance of our book topics:

The Giving Book-- teaches about giving/charity and is great for schools/districts interested in fostering service learning, character education, and any focus on giving back.

The  Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book-- Inspires financial literacy and is ideal for schools seeking to ensure that our kids learn financial wellbeing as part of their education and grounding.

The Autism Acceptance Book and The Special Needs Acceptance Book-- these books have shown tremendous value for districts/classrooms committed to creating positive environments for children with special needs.

The Healthy Body Book- inspires kids to learn how to care for "the coolest machine they'll ever own". A proven tool to help focus on health/wellness efforts in your students and community.

The Imagine It Book – a unique and highly valued book that makes learning and teaching STEM…fun!

The Celebrate Family Book- invites children to embrace the value of their unique family. Share the book and help children and families honor and navigate family life while learning basic relationship skills for life.

The Greening Book-  aligns with efforts to inspire environmental awareness and actions that are 'green' around Earth Day events and all year round.

Other books include The Healing Heroes Book (for military families); The Healing Book and more...


Visit Watering Can Press website to learn about some "Best Practices" and how other education foundations are using Watering Can Press Books. 


Discounts: We offer discounts for bulk supplies of our books so that they can be shared with students and in classrooms. NSFA members will be granted an additional 15% off.

We invite you to contact us at to learn more about discounts, ‘best practices’, author visits, and more. You are also welcome to call us at 212-243-3727.