Digital Advertising

  • January 01, 2021
  • December 31, 2021
  • Virtual Advertising


  • Size of this AD is 940 px W x 150 px H, in a premium space
  • Size of this AD is 250 px W x 250 px H.
  • Size of this AD is 300 px W x 450 px H.
  • Logo and company description listed on the NSFA website for 6 months. Logo can be hyperlinked to the site of your choosing.
  • Logo and company description listed on the NSFA website for one year. Logo can be hyperlinked to the site of your choosing.
  • This article has a 750-word limit and can be promotional in nature. Included with this article package is additional space for the author's headshot and bio.
  • One email blast to entire database; content approved by NSFA; ability to include picture/graphic & active links; will have disclaimer at the bottom that this is a paid AD; length of email is limited.


Generate brand exposure among education foundation decision makers by advertising with the National School Foundation Association.

There are many ways to showcase your brand in front of our 1,100 members and promote your organization to our 4,000 contacts. Submit an article for our e-newsletter or draft content for an email blast. We communicate with our members in a variety of ways and would like to partner with you to provide our members the best resources possible.


You can purchase space on our website for six months or one year, that includes your logo linked back to your website and a brief company description. On the NSFA Homepage, there will be a link to drive traffic to our Partners web page.


There are options to advertise in our bi-monthly newsletter, sent out to our entire database, that receives 500+ page views from education foundation professionals. We have three different size options available for banner advertisements (horizontal, vertical, & square). The AD will be included in the e-newsletter on our website and a modified AD [160 px X 320 px] can be included in the newsletter email announcement sent to our database.

Horizontal banner advertisements will be in a premium space in the e-newsletter.

If you would prefer to promote your business with a short article, you can submit a sponsored article. This allows you to introduce or further explain a product or service to our members. Along with this sponsored article, you can include a small graphic [650 px X 130 px) that can be hyperlinked to your preferred website for an additional fee of $100.


Craft your own email, specifically with NSFA members in mind, to send to over 4,000 contacts in our database. The email will come from NSFA with a disclaimer that this is a paid promotional email. It can include special offers for our members, active links to your website, and graphics created by your organization. If you are interested in multiple email blasts, please contact
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