The Five Criteria For Fundraising Success

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By Tom Tobin
Senior Counsel, Tobin & Associates

Will your fundraising project succeed?

It will, if it meets the five criteria for fundraising success. I have found over my quarter century in fundraising that failure to measure up in any of these areas means the program probably will not reach its goal.

So, assess how well your program measures up to the criteria listed below.  Be objective. Don’t let your dedication to the cause cloud your judgment.

  1. Is your cause really important to a majority the people in the community your program will benefit?
  2. Are the funds needed to support the program lacking in your organization or elsewhere?
  3. Have you identified the relatively small number of major donor prospects who believe in your cause and have the resources to account for at least 80 percent of your fundraising goal?
  4. Do you have a staff person, or experienced volunteer, who can devote the considerable time needed to manage the program from start to finish?
  5. Do you have a written action plan for the fundraising program that has been endorsed by the board and staff of your organization?

If your fundraising project falls short of the criteria in any area, don’t give up. You might be able to correct the problem. If you measure up, get going because the best time to raise money for a worthwhile project is always --now.