Internet Fundraising

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Create a web site to attract and solicit support
Increasingly nonprofit agencies with web sites are including information or even special areas of the site dedicated specially to soliciting visitors for gifts. These range from noting their mailing address for donations to providing secure, online forms for making credit card contributions.

Sites asking for donations may:

  1. Explain who funds are used by the organization
  2. Elaborate on the need for support and its impact
  3. Describe donor options
  4. Consider recognizing current supporters or sponsors
  5. Allow for inquiries about giving

What makes online fundraising successful?
There are four elements common to most sites that seem to be having success raising funds online:

  1. The site shows how a donation advances the mission and then directs visitors to online giving opportunities.
  2. The site focuses on attracting members and building an ongoing relationship between the org and visitor-turned-donor.
  3. The site may offer donor recognition online, including opportunities to sponsor the web site itself.
  4. The site including pages that educate donors about giving, including concepts such as endowments, planned giving, and in-king contributions.

One of the easiest and most effective was to attract on line givers is with, a feature developed by the NSFA specifically for school foundations.