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Dear Pennsylvania Foundation Leaders,

For the last four years, nine volunteers from across Pennsylvania devoted their time and talents to form a member-driven statewide organization to equip PA public school educational foundations with strategies for success.  In affiliation with the National School Foundations Association (NSFA), the Association of Pennsylvania Education Foundations (APEF) provides broad-based support for our members through regional, state-wide, and national networking; professional development; program support; information sharing and partnership opportunities.  These volunteers on the APEF Advisory Board include Frederick Brown, Nancy Delucia, Greg Hayes,  Kristin Kramer, Moira Singer, Ray Wells, Doug White, and Connie Kindler.  

In the summer of 2016, the APEF Advisory Board developed a Strategic Plan with a focus on creating systems within APEF to promote statewide governance and regional development; membership, communications and networking; partnerships and fund development; and professional development and programs for members.  In order to assure member accessibility to the networking and professional training opportunities, we have hosted regional opportunities.  We have provided networking and training opportunities and disseminated important information about EITC and other topics to our members.  In addition, we recently sent a survey to all of our contacts for the purpose of collecting valuable information about the foundations across PA so that we can provide accurate data to our members about the resources and work of foundations in PA.  In January, we hired Robin Jones, Executive Director of the Lions Foundation, to serve part-time as Executive Director of the APEF. In 2018 we hired Doug White to replace Robin as the part-time Executive Director. 

We need your membership in order to continue to grow APEF’s capacity to provide you with the resources that will help your foundation to be successful and sustainable.  Your membership will provide you with access to invaluable tools and information.  These efforts are vital to the successful future of our students and their schools.

Warmest regards,

Connie Kindler, APEF Advisory Board Chair



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