Membership FAQs

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I’m not sure if I’m already a member of NSFA. How can I find out?
For information regarding NSFA membership including your current membership status, please contact us at or (866) 824-8513.

If I belong to a state affiliate do I need to register as a member? Do I need to pay?
If your foundation is an active member of an NSFA state affiliate then you are a member of NSFA. These state affiliates pay dues on your behalf so you can receive all K-12 Foundation/School/District Member benefits. Though it is not required, we highly recommend you still register as an NSFA member to ensure we have your contact information on file so that you are eligible for the latest member benefits and information.

I noticed that there are many types of NSFA membership. How do I know which one to apply for?
Most of our members review the membership criteria and self-select the category they belong to. That said we are always here to answer any questions about membership, including the appropriate category you qualify for. Please contact us at or (206) 960-4141 for more information or with membership questions. 

How long does the membership application/approval process take?
Typically the approval process takes 2-3 business days to finalize though often times approval is secured more quickly. All approved members will receive a membership welcome packet with resources and tools to best utilize your NSFA membership.

How long does my membership last? 
 NSFA’s  membership cycle is a  calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31). This means that the renewal date for all NSFA members (renewing or new) will be January 1st. 

I want to attend an NSFA training today, but am not a member. How can I join and attend today?
Though membership approval can take approximately 2-3 business days, most memberships can be approved immediately, especially in special circumstances such as this. If you are interested in attending a webinar today, simply sign up to be a member and we will ensure you receive member pricing on your training.

I’m getting the NSFA Newsletter (“Solid Foundations”); doesn’t that mean I’m a member?
Not necessarily. Solid Foundations is distributed monthly to over 15,000 individuals interested in increasing the capacity of public education throughout the US and Canada. Naturally many of these represent our three types of members but not everyone on our distribution list is a member. If you’re unsure of your membership status or looking for membership information such as your members-only portal log-in, please feel free to contact NSFA at or (866) 824-8513.

Why am I being asked to renew my membership at this time of year? Are there any benefits to renewing early?
To help alleviate confusion about membership status and to better serve our members, NSFA has moved to a calendar year renewal process. The renewal deadline for all NSFA members is December 31st.  Those who renew after September 1st will be current through December 31st of the following year. Early enrollment benefits depend on the year, but can include discounts and a drawing for reduced/free admission to regional workshops and the annual conference.

What do I get out of my NSFA membership? What are the most popular benefits that members use?
There are many benefits from NSFA membership. The most widely used are the free bi-monthly webinars, access to the member only resource library including recordings of past webinars, sample policies, job descriptions and more. Also popular are access to the Education Foundation Leader Training and Certification Program, discounts on professional development (regional workshops AND the national conference) and Job Postings which are free to all members.

How can I pay for my membership? Where do my dues go?
All membership dues help ensure that members and community partners continue to receive the best in professional development offerings and resources. Most current members and new members prefer to pay dues online but the option of invoicing and mailing payments is also available. 

Can I pay for membership on line with NSFA?
Absolutely! Most members prefer to renew or start NSFA membership online. 

Is there a difference in benefits for state affiliate members and individual members?
At this time there are no differences in benefits for these two categories. Members who are active in a state education foundation association who is a state affiliate, do not need to pay annual dues as these fees are covered by your state association membership.