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Creating a School Foundation
Links to sites with advice and information about starting a nonprofit organization. A one-stop answer page with links to the first steps: getting started, planning, raising money, and more. Sample materials including bylaws, articles of incorporation and other legal documents for starting a nonprofit organization. Links to frequently asked questions, and answers to many questions on how to start a nonprofit organization.

Applying for IRS Certification
A site that tells you whether you are eligible for an IRS certification and how to apply for one. Also given is tax information for charities and other non-profits.

Council on Foundations
The Council on Foundations works to support foundations by promoting knowledge, growth and action in philanthropy. Through networking, grantmakers can gain a better understanding of best practices, refine grantmaking strategies, collaborate and confer with colleagues, explore innovative approaches to grantmaking, and experience career enhancing opportunities. Links to what is a foundation, starting a foundation, resources for foundations, government and legal affairs, links and networking, and the future of foundations.

Foundation Center
Information on starting a foundation. Their mission is to support and improve institutional philanthropy by promoting public understanding of the field and helping grantmakers succeed.

How to Start a Local Education Fund
Local education funds are nonprofit community-based organizations dedicated to increasing student achievement in public schools and building broad-based support for quality public education. They have 19 things listed in step-by-step form on how to start a local education fund. Links are given throughout the list for more information on certain topics.

Information on nonprofits and charities provided by the IRS. Announcements of new tax statistics and information on tax stats for your topic of interest. More links about the Statistics of Income Program, a place to ask questions, and Statistical Publications.

Sample Bylaws

Provided by Minnesota Council of Nonprofits:
Article I - Name, Purpose
Article II – Membership
Article III – Meetings of Members
Article IV – Board of Directors
Article V – Committees
Article VI – Director and
Staff Article VII – Amendments
Each article has a section of explanation.

Questions and Answers
Questions and answers with links about starting a nonprofit organization. Answers given about where to start, when a lawyer is needed, what documents are needed, how to incorporate an organization as a nonprofit, and more.

Top Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Write a Mission Statement
Information and tips on how to write a mission statement provides a list of questions that need to be answered when writing a mission statement, along with a list of things a mission statement should contain.

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization in Minnesota
Information on starting a nonprofit organization in the state of Minnesota. Information on nonprofit membership along with news updates from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

Oregon - Steps in Obtaining Nonprofit/Tax Exempt Status
Information to help you get started on the road to nonprofit/tax exempt status. A list of steps that need to be taken are given as well as additional resource materials.

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Foundation Resources

PEN Weekly Newsblast
The PEN Weekly Newsblast is a free e-mail newsletter featuring school reform and school fundraising resources. The PEN Newsblast is the property of the Public Education Network, a national association of 87 local education funds working to improve public school quality in low-income communities nationwide. The link is an excellent source on current trends in education as well as a ready source of information on potential grant sources for school foundations.

Council on Foundations
The Council on Foundations works to support foundations by promoting knowledge, growth and action in philanthropy. Through networking, grantmakers can gain a better understanding of best practices, refine grantmaking strategies, collaborate and confer with colleagues, explore innovative approaches to grantmaking, and experience career enhancing opportunities. Links to what is a foundation, starting a foundation, resources for foundations, government and legal affairs, links and networking, and the future of foundations.

The Benton Foundation
The Benton Foundation seeks to articulate a public interest vision for the digital age and to demonstrate the value of communications for solving social problems. Links to today’s headlines (important industry developments, policy issues, and other pertinent communications-related news events), Benton Web sites, and recent publications. Good example of a foundation Web site.

Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
Provides good advice for foundations that are thinking about setting up a Web site and links to examples of good sites. Links to sites with information about starting and planning a nonprofit organization, fundraising, government and legal resources, and discussion groups.

About Guide to Nonprofit Charitable Organizations’s Guide to Nonprofits. This site offers a newsletter, information on jobs in the nonprofit sector, along with numerous links and articles about nonprofit organizations.

AASA (American Association of School Administrators) Resources for Education Foundations
This Web site recommends books, websites, and organizations to assist public school foundations with specific information.

Annual Report Gallery
Listing of annual reports and related financial reports online. Links to get your report distributed on the Web and a link to the Library of Annual Reports with companies listed alphabetically.

Association of Small Foundations
A site made to assist foundations with few or no staff. Links to membership information and advantages, newsletters, job postings, tax forms, financial statements and more.

CSC Non-Profit Resource Center
Web links to online foundations, corporate giving, nonprofit resources and grant searching tips.

The Center for Education Reform
Information on grants available for teachers, school programs, and education reform initiatives.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The newspaper for the nonprofit world. Daily updates given along with articles from the current issue. A lot of information about nonprofit organizations is given.

The Council on Foundations
This site offers a huge amount of information. There is information on starting a foundation and there are links to many foundation websites. Foundation news is posted on the Web site along with links to their newsletter.

Council on Foundations’ Community Foundation Locator
This service is committed to providing community foundations with resources and tools to make your grantmaking more effective, as well as assistance with grantmaking and management issues.

Council of Chief State School Officers
A nationwide, nonprofit organization composed of public officials who lead departments responsible for elementary and secondary education. Links to state agencies, policy statements and testimonies, and standards and assessment information.

The Foundation Center
“Your Gateway to Philanthropy on the World Wide Web”
A site with a variety of resources with links for grantmakers, researching philanthropy, finding funders, and more. News and bulletins posted along with links to user aids and training opportunities.

The Foundation Center - Foundation Finder
This site facilitates the search for foundations on the Internet and assists with research on philanthropy and information for grantmakers.

Grantmakers for Children, Youth & Families
Grantmakers for Children, Youth & Families serves as a point of contact for grantmakers seeking collegial and collaborative relationships with other funders concerned with children, youth, and families. Links to: what’s new, who we are, getting involved, annual conference, and publications and papers.

Grantmakers for Education
A membership for private and public grantmakers that support education from early childhood through K-12 and higher education. It is a network for funders who want to improve educational outcomes. Links to policies, calendars, recent events, and more.

The Grantsmanship Center
The world’s leader in grant information and grantsmanship training. Links available to training programs and schedules, publications, federal register, grant sources, etc.

Non-profit job seeking resources, and additional volunteer opportunities

This official Web site of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. has normal and advanced search capabilities to access most of the information nonprofits report annually to the IRS on Form 990. Typically, this site includes past year’s total income, expenses and assets, an organization’s founding year, the number and names of board members and the organization’s mission and purpose statements.

Public Education Network
PEN is a national association of Local Education Funds. It educates the nation about the relationship between the school, community, and the public life. The goal that PEN has is to make sure that the availability of high quality education is every child’s right and not a privilege. The people at PEN believe parents and the community have a responsibility to help improve the school systems.

Marriott Foundation
The Marriott Foundation is for people with disabilities. It's a public charity, not-for-profit organization. The program, called Bridges ... From School to Work, works with young people exiting special education and with local employers for job placement. It is to help the young people with disabilities find jobs and job training.

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
It is the nation's largest private employer in the restaurant industry. They have the ability to attract and support, guide, and train people. They have divisions for strategic programs, revenue generation, marketing, finance and operations. They hold a lot of events each year to raise funds for the NRAEF’s scholarship and mentoring. The site also lists their sponsors.

Pittsburgh Foundation
Providing leadership and addressing community needs and also providing vehicles. The Pittsburgh Foundation is one of the largest in the United States out of 700 other community foundations.

Nonprofit Law Blog
A non-profit law blog with tips about starting a nonprofit, fundraising, board governance, social media, intellectual property and more.



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DMOZ - Open Directory Project
The directory has links to education foundations established in various states across USA. The foundations support K-12 education and higher education. They are both public and private foundations that offer grants to minority students, international students, immigrants, graduate students, education employees, etc.

The Ten Best Colleges that Offer Free Tuition

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American Association of School Administrators (AASA) Beyond Money: Benefits of an Education Foundation
This article discusses the relationship between public and private school foundations and schools, as well as the role played by the public and private school foundations in community life.

Giving USA Foundation - Annual Report
Giving USA, the annual report on philanthropy, is published by Giving USA Foundation, a public service initiative of the Trust for Philanthropy of the American Association of Fundraising Counsel (AAFRC). The study is researched and written by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

NCPA - National Center for Policy Analysis - Public Schools Foundations

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Document Examples

Public Schools Foundations "Vision" Statement Examplesn
This document gives examples of statements written by public school foundations in Washington.

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Tax Issues

State Taxes
This Web site offers links to each US state's tax Web site. It is useful for locating tax information about foundations.

@LA Education: K-12 Public School Districts in Southern California
A comprehensive list of California public and private schools, school districts, alumni associations and youth organizations. A must-see for those interested in foundations. The site offers links to the schools and their foundations' Web sites.

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