Webinar: Future Plans - Connecting Students to Their Future

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Future Plans® is a career guidance program aimed at helping students discover their strengths and aptitudes, interests and values, so that they can choose the career and/or educational pathway that will lead them to their best in-demand career choices. 

The concept of jobs that are “in demand” is crucial to the framework of Future Plans®. Today 48% of college graduates are either underemployed or unemployed. As a consequence, underemployed college graduates are now holding jobs historically performed by those with much less education, while organizations with high paying in-demand jobs are desperate for qualified employees.

Future Plans® adds meaning to the often used statement ‘school to work’ because it is focused on creating wiser educational consumers among our young people. Aligning student profiles with jobs in demand is the differentiator. Future Plans® utilizes avatars as virtual counselors to guide students through the program.

This workshop will include a demonstration and overview of the Future Plans® career planning tool. Future Plans® uses valid assessments that are produced by the Department of Labor and evaluations from the Maryland-based Rockport Institute. Founded in 1981, and consulting on this project, Rockport created many of the methods now adopted by leading-edge career counseling professionals.

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