Webinar: Public Private Partnerships: The Public Schools, Private Donors and the City

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Toba Cohen-Dunning, Executive Director, Omaha Public Schools Foundation will discuss how the Omaha Public Schools Foundation has raised over $90m in funding for special projects. These funds were a direct result of collaboration with public/private partners. The mantra in the Omaha Public Schools Foundation is to "level the playing field with our suburban counterparts."​ 

Toba will discuss how this thoughtful process has created unique and impactful partnerships. How to overcome the negative connotation that can be associated with public private partnerships. These negative feelings can come from a fear that wealth can influence policy. Understand what happened in Omaha to create an environment where there is less "influence" and more "collaboration." 

Philanthropy in Omaha is unique and several of the top funders regularly meet with the Omaha Public Schools Superintendent to discuss emerging needs/concepts/issues and in turn projects are realized through their generosity.  These practices can be replicated in any district with a understanding and planning.

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