Why the National School Foundation Association?

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  • Elementary and secondary school administrators and teachers need or desire more funding to do a more effective job educating children.
  • Communities across the US are made up of an aging populace and are demonstrating less interest in continued tax increases to support education.
  • A projected intergenerational wealth transfer occurring over the next 25-35 years, yielding between 15 and 40 trillion dollars.
  • $41 billion was donated to education in the US in 2006, the second largest recipient category (behind religion) of philanthropic donations in the US.
  • Giving USA reports that many major donors who give to education are switching their financial support and focus from college and universities to elementary and secondary schools.
  • Many schools want to enhance, improve and expand the financial performance of their foundation, but have no consistent realistic resources available for immediate help.
  • Many schools and school districts want to establish a foundation but don’t have the time, expertise, or finances to set one up. Without a foundation and its presence in the community, donors often overlook the school and its financial needs.
  • Many schools are beginning to understand what colleges and universities have known for decades, there are many individuals who wish to support education and a foundation is an excellent way to begin to develop this stream of philanthropy.

With these facts in mind, we believe school foundation growth and development is vitally important.